Thursday, November 18, 2010

zoOrphange trip :D

The zoo trip on 17th November 2010 with the TCC (Trinity Children's Church) was a big HIT . There were 22 Leos and 22 childrens who visited the zoo . Each Leo members were given a kid. All Leo members were devided in groups of 4.

All of us were excited about visiting the zoo. The kids were excited to see those animals that they never see before. We watched the animal show that was mindblasting and hard to locate since the zoo map was kind of confusing. But thanks to Suk Chyi (our OC) and Ben Sern we found it. Besides that, some of our leo members bought snacks for the animals and let the childrens to fed the elephants and the giraffes.

After that, it was finally LUNCH TIME!! Everyone was HUNGRY, but since our OC , Suk Chyi had pre-booked , we can eat straight away when we reach the restaurant. We had burgers, fries and COKE :D

Surprisingly, Miss Foo told us that there was a MISSION . The mission of the day was to take a picture of our OC-KHOO SUK CHYI <3>


Ryan>Suk Chyi> Ben Sern
One of the kids trying to feed the elephant with sugarcane.
mommy and daddy of the day (Gavin and Connie)

Leo Chook Mei Shun
IT Director 2010/2011

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