Saturday, November 13, 2010

ZoOrphange Annoucements

Zoo...! Sounds like 'pig' in Chinese. Anyway, ladies and gentlemen. Oh my God. Yes we are counting down. Four more days to go. Anyway, ATTENTION to all participants of ZoOrphanage...

1. Club T-shirt (if you don't have one, put on any of your black shirt then)
2. Long pants
3. Sport shoes or sneakers
4. A bag to keep all your belongings

List of What-to-Bring:
1. I/C
2. Water bottle
3. Pocket tissue
4. An umbrella
5. Light snacks (optional)
6. Common sense (oh, please!)

List of What-Not-to-Bring:
1. Anything you consider valuable
2. Perishable food

List of What-to-Do:
1. Follow instructions
2. Look after a kid
3. Stick together with the team
4. Inform Vivian or Suk Chyi whenever you are leaving the team to somewhere else (e.g. washroom)
5. Disciplined

List of What-Not-to-Do:
1. Walk alone
2. Have your own fun with your friends and abandon the kid
3. Say stupid things as if you were a nut case or something
4. Act like one of the monkeys there which will confuse the zookeepers and the monkey's family and the project committees

By the way, there is one human left who hasn't pay. Please do so as soon as possible. Or, Ee Lyn will...

Believe it or not. She's really good at it. Just so you see. For further queries, please do give Suk Chyi or Vivian a call. Thank you and regards.

Yours in Leo-ism,
Leo Khoo Suk Chyi
Treasurer 2010/2011
Leo Club of SMK USJ 4.

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