Monday, January 07, 2008

Gotong-royong at Kampung Bukit Kemandol Community Hall, JLN Kebun

This year, 2008, Lions Club of Subang Jaya’s Health Project will be held at Kampung
Bukit Kemandol Orang Asli Village for the benefit of the local Orang Asli. The last time, in 2002 when they organized health project at same place, they managed to save both eyes of Ruhaida who was going blind from cataract disease. Today this girl is 17 years old and has healthy eyes.

The site visits revealed that the condition of the Community Hall (GPS Position
2°56'45.3"N, 101°32'20.2"E) which will be used for the Health Project, was poor. As
such, special project 2 Organising Chairman, Lion Mejor Chong Ah Watt decided to
repair/improve/facelift the existing community Hall. It achieved the duo purposes of
community service and at the same time, ensures the smooth implementation of the
coming health project.

On 6th Jan 2008, 10 lions from Lions Club of Subang Jaya together with 9 Leos from 3 schools that are SMK SU, SMK USJ4 and SMK USJ8 were present to support this community project at
9.00am. They are :

Ln Mejar Patrick Chong Ah Watt,
Organising Chairperson,
Ln Dato’ Neoh Soo Keat,
Ln Dato’ Neo Say Yeow,
Ln Tai Kim Yok,
Ln Goh Ing King,
Ln Tai Sing Nge,
Ln Gary Choong ,
Ln Albert Tan EK,
Ln Dato’ Peppe Foo Chee Kim,
Ln Yong Kheng Loong
Leo Lee Pei Wen of SMK USJ 8
Leo Chin Kar Yern of SMK USJ 8
Leo Lim Su Wern of SMK Subang Utama
Leo Lim Su Shen of SMK Subang Utama,
Leo Emily Choong Ee Ching of SMK SU,
Leo Ashley Seow May Quinn of SMK SU,
Leo Pua Cheng Lu of SMK SU,
Leo Pang Rhae Yaenn of SMK USJ 4
Leo Victor Pang of SMK USJ 4

Many local Orang Asli Villagers were also present to do the ‘Gotong Royong’ for the external compound with material supplied by Lions Club of Subang Jaya.

The Banner

1) The external wall of the Bukit Kemandol Community Hall was repainted.
The Leos were fast learners and all Leos participate in this painting of external walls.

SMK SU Leos in action

SMK USJ4 and SMK USJ8 Leos in action

Ln Goh Ing King in joyous posture together with the Leos in action

Leo Victor Pang painting the wall

The creative Leo Cheng Lu reaching extra height

Final touch-up.

Remote/unseen hind wall was also painted

2) Cleaning the internal Hall, (the faulty electricity fan & Lights was repaired/replaced earlier).

Leo Rhae Yaenn sweeping the floor

Clearing Every Corner

Picking up the last dust-waste

3) The Lions painting the Grill/Door.
The lions painting the tedious metal grill door, each taking their turns.

Lions in action

4) Cutting the Grass
Lion Tai SN brought his home electric grass and guided other lions to do the works of
clearing the grass at the entrance of the community halls.

5) Orang Asli Villagers also participated in the form of “Gotong Royong” to cleaning the Community Hall’s outside compound.

6) At about 12.00pm, the bulk of the work was completed. The lions and the Leos leaved the necessary material, paints, cement, drain covers for the Orang Asli Villages to complete the drain covers replacement at entrance and painting of the still important water tank contributed by Lion Club of Subang Jaya about 5 years ago.
Then all of us proceeded for fellowship Lunch at the restaurant at Kota Kemuning. The Leos and lions had nice fellowships. The Leos, despite at growing ages, are energetic workers but not good eaters. A lot of food was past back to the hungry adult lions to finish off.
The Leos

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