Friday, January 11, 2008

3 0n 3 basketball

LEO 3 0n 3 basketball
Tournament 2008
Organized by LEO Club of PJI

Date : 26/ 01 / 08 (Saturday)

Time : 8am – 4pm

Venue : MPSJ

Price : RM15 per team

Prize : Hamper to the winning team only

Entry Deadline : 19 / 01 / 08 (Saturday)

Rules & Regulations

  • The winner of the game is the first team to score the highest point in 15 minutes. However, if both teams tied with the same score at the end of 15 minutes, extra 5 minutes will be given.
  • The scoreboard will base on points. Teams will be divided into groups. In each group, every team will play against each other.
    • Every game won, the winning team will receives 2-points
    • Every game tied, both teams will receive 1-point
    • Every game lost, no points will be awarded
    • With the highest points will play against the other teams through elimination round. However, if two teams scored the same points, both teams will enter the elimination round.
  • Baskets inside of the “3-point line” are 2-point; baskets outside of the “3-point line” are 3-point(feet must be completely outside the “3-point line”) and 1-point for free-throw.
  • The ball must be taken beyond the “take back line” on every change of possession.
  • Fouls are called by the referee.
  • On regular fouls, the possession is replayed. Shooting fouls result in 1 free-throw. If the referee decides a foul is intentional, the basket will count.
  • Disputes will be decided by the referee whose decision is final.
  • The referee has the power to issue warnings concerning behaviour which may include a “Technical” foul and every technical fouls will result in 1 free-throw and retained possession.
  • The referee may decide to call all fouls any poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. (Eg. Bad languages, fighting, “trash talking”, etc…)
  • Offenders together with his/her team will be eliminated from the competition and there will be no refund of fees.
  • Each school will have maximum of 3 teams for each gender, which means a total of 6 teams consists of 3 boys and 3 girls’ team.

Those who wants the form to register, please find Rhae Yaenn (5M)

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