Sunday, July 15, 2007

Proposal For Exploded Corn & Super Duper Cake Sales

Organizing Committee
Organizing Chairperson : Leo Shivaneswaran
Ass. O.C : Leo Victor Pang
Secretary : Leo Emmy
Treasurer : Leo Kiranjit Kaur

Project Details
Date : 9th & 10th of July 2007
Time : During recess in both session
Venue : Foyer C

- to raise funds for charity
- to active the members in Leo Club
- to gain more leadership among Leos in our club

Project Further Details
- 7 members will be involved in this project
- we will be selling chocolate and butter cakes & popcorn
- the ingredients for the cake will be sponsored by Mrs. Vijayakumari a/p Mathavan
- the ingredients for the popcorn will be sponsored by Mrs. Angie Lim Siew See
- 1 packet of popcorn will be sold at RM 1.20
- 1 slice of chocolate cake will be sold at RM 1.50 & 1 slice of butter cake will be sold at RM 1.00
- the profit earned will be ysed to buy gift for orphans


Anonymous said...

oooo..not bad..good..continue u'r good work

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