Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Leo IdoL!

Heard of American Idol? Who cares!?!? Here’s something bigger and better;
That’s right,


We are glad to inform you that the Leo Club(s) of Region 4 will be holding our annual Leo Idol competition. Leo Idol is a singing competition intended to discover young and raw talent from across the region. Open to all Leo members of region 4, here’s your chance to hit that dog-whistle high note, shatter a couple of glasses, and win over some groupies while you’re at it!

We would also like to enlighten you on the main cause of organizing such a project, which is our support for the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF). Proceeds and sponsors in support of this project will go to the NKF in an attempt to subsidies dialysis treatment and improve its facilities.

The Details of the auditions are as follow:
Date : 21st February 2009
Time : 10am - 3pm
Venue : SMK Subang Utama (SS18)

o Participants are required to prepare a song either in English, Malay or Chinese. ( A capella ).
o Each participant is given a limited time of 3 minutes to impress the judges.
o Participants are also required to prepare 2 songs (in minus one format) for the finals.

Kindly request the registration form from Leo Lam Ai Ping ( 5 Cempaka ). Thank You

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