Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sponsor Baju Raya for the Orphans Project.


(I know it's a little late)

Ramadhan has left us with many good memories. Our Sponsor Baju Raya for the Orphans project which was launched in the month of Ramadhan was a huge success.

The initial plan as stated in the poster was to get the interested parties to donate new baju raya for the orphans. Within four days after it was launched, we managed to get 14 baju raya.

However the number remained static and we almost got discouraged especially because out of that number, only 3 came from our school. The response from the outsiders was better than from our school. This definitely did not go well with our objective in creating caring society especially among the fourians. We were quick to understand that the exam fever was one of the factors the project wasn't a hit at first.

So we launched a plan B! After scouting a few places, we found that Mydin offered the best deal. Beautiful baju kurung and kebaya; with lining and beading cost as less as RM19! We felt really good as the quality is not spared and the last thing we wanted to do is to hand over dowdy, poor quality and dull baju raya for the orpans. (I ended buying a pair for myself because they are very nice!--Mydin should pay for this free advertisement)

We took the risk and bought around 16 pairs using our own money and went around the school finding the sponsors for these bajus. The response was overwhelming especially from the morning teachers and students. They were also given a small card to write their messages and sign their names. These cards were attached to the clothes which were later individually wrapped to give it a more personal touch.

Very soon , we had 40 raya attire ready for the orphans. More came in during the last week. Not only that, we continued to receive cash as well from UiTM, UIA,Serdang and Petaling Jaya.

With the money, we prepared duit raya for them. Each orphan will get RM5 each. On the closing date, we managed to collect 50 baju raya. With RM230 allocated for duit raya, we still have RM 771.95 in hand! All these done within the duration of only 3 weeks! After consultation with the RACTAR manager, En Dzul we decided to donate the amount to the home management as they would attend to the daily needs of the orphans.

On 26th September, accompanied by our very supportive Miss Foo and Puan Loo, we went to RACTAR to hand over the collection. Besides baju raya, duit raya and cash, we also brought home made chocolate cheese muffins for the orphans.

We received a warm welcome from the management. As the orphans were getting ready for an event, we were entertained by Encik Dzul who gave some insights on the challenges the face in managing an NGO orphanage.

His briefing was an eye opener and we left RACTAR that evening not only feeling good that we have done some good deeds but most importantly we understand our role better and we were humbled and inspired by individuals who give up their comfort life and devote their time, money and energy to fight for others' well being. How noble these people are considering some of us find it so hard to part from RM1 for this kind of cause.

There were difficulties that we faced such as the time constraints, the discouraging remarks, the misconception against orphanges . However, as a team we managed to turn all the difficulties into a good experience. Even though most of our committee members were busy preparing for PMR, we were very committed to the project and acted selflessly.

The support we received from Mr Sim, Miss Foo, teachers, the Fourians (especially form 3 and 4) and everyone else made all the hard work worthwhile.

Here are some pics :D

^We even brought our models along.

^Oh, the guy in blue? He was VERY convincing ;)

There they are! Individually wrapped! With notes attached!

Miss Foo talking to En Dzul

^We even made muffins!

We were also happy to note that at the time where our politicians are playing the racist card, we did not face this problem at all during the project. Race and religion differences were never an issue. We were also happy that many have come to realize that one does not have to be rich to make a difference in some one's life. We should do what we can with what we have where ever we are.

Lastly, we are glad that our LEO club has allowed us to become fun loving young people who are serious about making small differences in the lives of others.

Project OC
~Leo Aqilah Naqlis

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