Friday, January 26, 2007

Porposal For 'Mandarin Oranges' Project

Organizing Committee
Organizing Chairperson: Leo Sim Wie Boon
Treasurer: Leo Lam Diedre Ong
Member Involve: 6 which are .............................................

Project Details
Date: 5th to 8th February 2007
Time: During Recess
Venue: Foyer C

- To build friendship and gain fellowship between Leo's
- To spread the Chinese symbol of prosperity in which the meaning of the mandarin orange to others
- To share the festival celebration with others

Project Further Details
- 10 boxes of mandarin oranges was donated by Mr. Ho Ywen Seong
- A box contain approximately 36 to 50 oranges
- 70 oranges will be put aside to be present to teachers
- The oranges will be packed in two
- A packet of oranges will be charged RM 1.00

Transparent wrapping paper = RM 2.00 x 25 = RM 50.00

*This project has been confirmed*

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