Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Porposal For 'Paint Me Colourfully' Project Joint With Basketball Club

Organizing Committee
Organizing Chairperson: Leo Taryna Khoo
Secretary: Leo Michelle Ho
Treasurer: Leo Lam Ai Ping
Member Involve: 5 Leo's which are Leo Taryna Khoo, Leo Carmen Kong, Leo Lam Ai Ping, Leo Eunice Chang and Leo Cheah Yee Ling. 5 Basketball Club Members, which are Hwei Xian, Li Jean, Rui Mien, Ling Hui and Yu Yang

Project Details
Venue: SMK USJ 4 Basketball Court
Time: 8am onwards
Date: August 21st till 24th

- To follow up with the maintenance of the basketball court
- To gain closer fellowship among members from different clubs
- To gain leadership experience

Project Further Details
- Paint will be sponsored by one of the Leo member's parents
- Painting brushes will be provided by members
- This project will be held during school holidays
- This project is pending for approval from the school

*This project has been confirmed*
For any enquiries please contact me at 017-8708099/016-3826743 - Leo Trayna Khoo

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